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Hida region is located at the Northern

city in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. It is known

with a tradition of making wooden craft. 

In HIDA the skill of craftsman were

constructing Japanese traditional temple.


Later, the technique is used to create

our furniture with high craftsmanship.

That's skill we continued in making of

our products for more than 40 years.


We branded our product as COREO


"THIS IS THE ONE", whereby a term 

used by Japanese when they choosing

the item. To feel Coreo furniture fits my

home and I made a right choice.


‘COREO’ furniture design embodies
the concept of simplicity and timeless design. Our furniture is produce by
the traditional way method. The
Japanese are experts of bend the
wood technique also known as ‘BENDWOOD’.
It means our craftsman uses old
carpentry techniques known as
‘finishing by hand’ to provide strength
and durability in the products.


COREO’s table top is design as one
piece of wood known as the tree trunk which is usually very expensive to produce.
However, with COREO it’s now possible to own this table top ‘ULTIMATE FURNITURE’ at an affordable price.
As our products are made from the finest material given by nature, customer will feel the beauty essence of this furniture.
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