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Coreo is Best Japanese Furniture Maker at Metropolitan Home Trusted Brand Awards 2018

COREO Hida-Takayama offers simple, clean-cut design and well-crafted furniture. Designed by Japanese designers, COREO’s furniture design embodies the concept of simplicity and timeless design. COREO the brand is created and produced by ‘CERUBO’, which originates from township of Takumi, in Hida-Takayama, Japan.

The company is well known for designing and producing exclusive wooden furniture using ‘traditional’ Japanese skill developed for several generations by craftsmen. At its factory in Vietnam, CERUBO uses natural materials and sophisticated technology to produce the furniture.

By cultivating the original traditional craftsmanship’ skills mixed with modern technology, they are able to deliver high quality furniture at a reasonable price to their customers. Besides being renowned for producing their skilful craftsmanship in furniture, CERUBO also has a unique practice of storing all their sources and materials, thus providing immediate solutions to meet their customer’s needs at any time.


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